NWR is a 501(c)3 nonprofit community resource service where we create a space in time for individuals in the Capital District where they can come together freely to receive resources they need to cultivate their evolving aptitude.


NWR strives to educate, connect, and empower the community through hosting meetups, workshops and empowerment private consulting in the Capital Region of NY. 

Vision: NWR services provide a variety of networking, educational and empowering support groups and workshops to build and enhance individuals’ sense of belonging in their community. Our tools & resources focus on community development, emotional intelligence, networking, personal & entrepreneurial growth.

NWR gives local individuals in the Capital District the power to create a supportive and inspiring community by speaking out and empowering other with their insights & stories. NWR provides a unique platform for local people, businesses of all sectors to connect with us so we can spread awareness of their insights and advances in our community.

Meet NWR’s CEO, Founder & Facilitator

Tatiana Gjergji, B.S. in Psychology, is a prevention educator at The Addictions Care Center of Albany, Inc. &  coordinator of the Northeastern Community Action Partnership.  In her own personal time, Tatiana has formed  NWR of Albany, Inc based on her compassion for others and providing a safe and supportive environment. She wants to plant seeds by providing individuals with noteworthy resources they can grow from and evolve to the beautiful souls they were born to flower into.  She will be providing the individuals with resources to bring the Capital District community together with compassion and an open-mind!

Tatiana is willing to travel throughout the Capital District to bring resources and services such as Catskill, Hudson, Latham, Troy and beyond!


Tatiana Gjergji

"I love my community! I want to plant seeds by providing individuals with 'noteworthy' resources they can grow from and blossom into the beautiful souls they were born to evolve into!" says Tatiana Gjergji. Founder, CEO & Facilitator of NWR of Albany, Inc.

Photo by Jayana LaFountaine