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Power of Crystals Workshop with Camille Carnevale

  • ACCA Community Education Building 90 McCarty Avenue Albany, NY, 12202 United States (map)

Crystals are becoming more popular as ever in jewelry pieces, now people are interested in knowing the meanings and powers associated with them.

Join us and learn the healing, energetic/vibrational, and metaphysical properties of crystals; such as improving the flow of energy within the body, to help clear the senses, relieve stress and revitalize us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Our guest speaker is Camille Carnevale, local renowned Gemolist and jewelry designer in the Capital Region.

We intend to explore, empower and network with each other to discover

why you are attracted to a certain cyrstal
what powers each crystal has
how to choose crystals that are best for you
where to store/display them
how to clean them
how to do a basic crystal grid & more....

Email for any inquires, RSVP, questions and etc.!