Real Talk Though... Get. Your. Life!

I apologize in advance for not being the blog writer you want me to be. I am one that just speaks my mind, kind of like "word vomit" (yes, a Mean Girls reference), but most of the time without a filter. So, I am going to start by saying that it is never too soon to talk about getting your entire life. When the students I teach ask me for a pencil or to go to the bathroom or what page we are on, I tell them they need to "GET. IT. TOGETHER!" You might think this is too harsh for students at an elementary level, but I know that they totally get it by the smile  on their faces validating that they know I am being honest with them, which also gives them control over what they need to get back on track.  

Anyway, "Get Your Life" blog is geared towards getting real and deep about life in the way we process our human experiences. I will focus and explore topics from the affects of societal norms, addictions, holistic healing, philosophy, identity issues, body image, how to set boundaries, cultural diversity to DIY crafting, local events, stories and everything that relates to getting your life together.

Noteworthy Resources of Albany, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit community resource center that is newly developed in the Albany, NY and provides a variety of networking, educational and empowering support groups and workshops for guests to increase their sense of belonging in our community.  Alongside of all that, I thought "why not start a blog" about all the things I really want to talk about without being censured and to spread awareness of all the topics that we really want to get deep on rather than being judged for doing so. 

I am going to be honest, I don't know what I am doing. I've never been apart of a blog before so hear with me. My posts will not only include my opinions and experiences but I definitely will include factual information based on research done on each blog topic.

So you might be asking, WTF does "Get your life" mean.. It is pretty simple..GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!! It is a slang gesture based on an individual organizing him/herself "so as to be able to deal with or achieve something." If you hate your job, your apartment, your friends, your body, the way people see you, what society enforces, and etc. --What are you going to do about it? Are you going to let it go or get your fucking life before life gets you? Are you going to let shit go because "that is just how it is" or are you going to stand up for yourself, your being, your soul, spirit and will to live a life that is worth living? I am not trying to sell you the important of happiness in saying this, but do you feel like your living your life to the fullest? I hope so.

It isn't easy to quit your day job and start focusing on what you are passionate about, I get it; change is a bitch, but just think about what it means to "Get your life!" I owe this saying to Chirstina Pazsitzky , comedian and podcast host of both "That's Deep Bro" and "Your Mom's House." Each episode she posts, she answers emailers' questions, talks about her upbringing. Her honesty and sense of humor warms my soul and inspired me to start my blog related to my nonprofit organization. My initial intention of this blog is to spread awareness about life struggles that we all face at one period of time or another. Whether it highlights the facets of anxiety, trauma, setting boundaries, relationship questions, sharing home remedies and DIY crafting ideas to how to deal with grief, toxic people in our lives and etc.

Get your Life also wants your input and asks for readers and the community to get involved and stay curious. Email me all the questions, stories, ideas, and struggles you might be facing so we can shine a light on the darkness to help someone else who might be going through the similar experiences.

I hope you find it with your open mind and heart to stay tuned to my next blog post