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Join our Empowerment Advocacy Program, a private consulting session with Tatiana to help you reach your goals and aspirations.
Whether you are trying to start a business, non-profit, or host an event, Tatiana will work with you and gather "noteworthy" resources to support and empower you to reach your goals so you can become successful and live your best life!

Our Empowerment Advocacy program meets with clients in a safe & supportive one-on-one session to provide creatives, start-up businesses, & local people with resources, supportive insights, direction, positivity, and an open-mind to empower clients to embrace their full potential to start living their life with purpose & passion.

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Be a volunteer

Show your compassion in the community by volunteering your time at our events.



 Want to be apart of a safe and supportive group of intellectual individuals?
We welcome you with open hearts & minds at NWR's  support groups& workshops to discuss, learn, connect and network with each other!


Be a guest speaker

In an energetic and supportive environment, guest speakers provide an opportunity for people to learn, become inspired & more motivated in their community.