The Powers of Crystals

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When we hold a crystal we are instantly in touch with the forces that shape our planet and the elements that first formed it all beyond the stars. The fascination of crystals are not a fad, crystals have been around for eons and have been adored by many local and distant souls! Let’s get more attuned with the power of crystals by exploring what they are, how they work, what crystal healing is, how to choose your crystals, how to meditate with your crystals, and etc.

What are crystals?

A crystal is a solid substance with a geometrically regular internal lattice, with faces and axes that may or may not be reflected in its external shape. Each crystal is made from its own particular mineral and chemical recipe, which affects its color and shape. In crystallize, that were created from events such as a meteorite, crystal structure, but are nevertheless referred to as crystals.  

Crystals can form only from a gas or liquid solution since it is only at this state that atoms are free to arrange themselves into stable relationships with each other. Despite the difficulties in measuring and identifying the geometrical systems of crystallography, it’s important to acknowledge that a crystal’s formation is the essence of why it does what it does, both in the way it potentially heals and its physical properties. It has been shown that every crystal in a system will share certain energetic properties and ways of working; shape and colors.

How do they work?

Mystical, magical, scientific and pseudoscientific proprieties for healing effects, crystals work through the human energy systems, such as chakras and auras (which I’ll review shortly). The results of using crystals are reported throughout history, science and their healing abilities are attested to by an ever-growing bank of anecdotal evidence.

However, there technically isn’t any credible evidence as to why crystals and gemstones should have any beneficial effect on humans (from the point of view of Western medicine).  Recently, Western medicine has recognized that the emotions and the mind play a huge part of human beings heal. Being that each crystal has one molecule, which is repeated during its structure, it has the ability and organization to adjust and adapt to its environmental changes.  Crystals have a fundamental stability and at the vibration level, can maintain a constant electromagnetic energy. So now consider the human body, which is built up from thousands of different molecules that have their own vibration pattern and way of interacting with its surroundings. WHHAAT!? MIND BLOWN. I love breaking concepts down and connecting them to their meaning; it just fascinates me! (Yeah, I’m weird; whatever!)

Try these exercises..

Exercise 1:

  1. Hold a clear quartz crystal point 1-2 inches from the pal of your hand. Point the crystal toward your palm.
  2. Move the crystal in a small clockwise circle. You will see a point of light either directly in front of the crystal or offset to one side.
  3. As you move, the clearer the crystal and the easier it will be to see.

Exercise 2:

  1. Stand with your eyes closed and your hands held out in front of you with your palms facing up.
  2. Ask a friend to hold a quartz crystal 1-2 inches away from one of your palms (point facing your palm) & slowly rotate it.
  3. Notice how your palms feel different from one another. Observe physical sensations such as one hand being warmer, cooler, heavier, lighter, itchier, and etc. Be aware of any feelings inside you (it might be subtle).

What is crystal healing?

Crystals channel energy. They can focus, store, transmit, and transmute this energy and it can be used for beneficial healing and energizing effects. This is about change; it involved working with crystals to improve your physical & mental health, emotional well-being and your spiritual advancement. They cant do something that you/your body cannot; but they do speed up things that would happen anyway.

Example: Carnelian works well for common colds. Rather than curing the cold or suffering for a while, it speeds up the symptoms process to get rid of the virus.

Crystals help you become open to new possibilities and this is when amazing changes start to magically happen in your life. Whether you are just starting on your journey with them, or you are taking another step on your path, take a bold leap and enjoy the experience of change that crystals bring.

Choosing Your Crystals

Many are becoming more interested in the aspect of how crystals are healing because one or two stones or crystals attracted their attention as simply beautiful or interesting objects. Some people collect a few crystal clusters to decorate their homes, while others become fascinated with their variety shapes and colors. It is easy to find yourself drawn to these wonderful objects and find that you are likely to find that you have a natural affinity with certain crystals specifically.

You may choose crystals on the basis that it will help you with a specific problem or ailment, or you can choose a crystal simply on that you are drawn to its color and shape. •Having selected the crystals that you are drawn to, you may discover that they were the most fitting choice in terms of how they can help you or someone close to you. Whatever the purpose of the crystals you have chosen, this will be revealed to you when it is needed.

Cleansing Your Crystals

When you work with crystals, either by yourself or with others, they absorb energy from you, other people and their environment. Visibly, they can get dusty and lackluster, they might lose their brightness or color. They need cleansing when sticky to the touch too.

Ways to clean crystals:

Running water- hold your crystal under running water for a few minutes. It may need longer if it’s been working hard or hasn’t been cleansed for a long time.

Sunlight- leave your crystal in the sunlight, you can also dry them in the sun after washing.

Moonlight- leave it in the moonlight, especially in the light of a full or new moon.

Incense/Aromatherapy- let frankincense, sandalwood, and smudging smoke waft over your crystal.

Earth- bury your crystal in the earth and leave it there for one to two weeks or moon cycles. Bury it when the moon is full and unearth it at the time of a new moon.

Crystal Cleansing- place your crystal on an amethyst bed, selenite, or quartz cluster or inside a geode.

Programming Your Crystals

Once you have chose your crystal and identified what you want it to help you with, spend some time connecting with it. Look at it, notice its shapes, colors, and plays of light. Hold it in your hands. Become aware of its smooth, flat, sharp and pointed parts. Take in any feelings that your crystal creates in you- these may be physical sensations in your hands or arise as more subtle feelings from deep within you.   Focus on the purpose of the crystal; they all have different physical, emotional and spiritual healing qualities.

Amethyst- relaxing and calming, but spiritually energizing

Citrine- encourages fun, happiness, and joy

Peridot- clears emotional blockages leading to a release of unwanted things and situations in your life. Great to work with for space clearing, or to give you the impetus you need to begin clearing out old unwanted possessions.

Quartz- brings energy into a room

Rose Quartz- allows love to flow and balances emotions

Zincite- great to display in any therapy room as it creates a healing environment

Working with Crystals

You can experience the beneficial effects of crystals simply by placing them near you, holding them in your hands, or wearing them against your skin. Try carrying a small pouch of crystals with you all the time, in your purse, book bag, pockets- they are working to benefit you during every moment. You can meditate with them as a way to help still your mind, drink them in a form of elixirs made by immersing crystals in water (be sure to check if they are safe to drink). Discover crystal healing with the body’s chakras, by placing specific stones upon the seven principal chakra points.

Meditating with Crystals

  1. Find a quiet space, literally, put your phone on airplane mode or “do not disturb”, shut off any other devices and possibly light a candle or two.
  2. Allow yourself to breathe in a relaxed way and feel centered. Calm yourself.
  3. Now choose a crystal to focus upon and allow yourself to explore it with all of your senses.
  4. Connect with the crystal and be aware of any sensations and feelings that arise in you: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
  5. Stay with the process for a minimum of 10 minutes, but keep going for an hour if you have the time.
  6. The important thing is to repeat this meditation daily, no matter how little or how much time you have to spare.

Opening up to Crystal Energy

This meditation is specifically designed to open your mind, still your body and free your spirit to be more receptive to the healing energy of crystals.

  1. Hold two quartz crystals, one in each hand. Close your eyes and feel the energy of each in your hands. Imagine this crystal energy flowing up your arms into your shoulders and chest. Allow it to fill your chest and your heart. Let it flow up into your head and when the crystal energy reached the center of your mind, it will start to see your thoughts. One by one, each thought floats towards the crystal energy and disappears into it. This happens again and again until all your thoughts are floated away.
  2. Now the crystal energy drifts slowly down your body and flows back past your chest and surrounds your heart, gently bathing your heart in clear, calm crystal energy. From your heart this clear, calm crystal energy flows into your belly and pelvis, down to your legs and into your feet and through your toes, until your whole body is filled with clear calm crystal energy.
  3. Allow yourself to bathe in this crystal energy for several minutes. Just relax and enjoy. Let it wash away nay worries, discomfort, or pain you may be feeling.
  4. When you feel you are ready, slowly become aware of your body. Notice how it feels and slowly open your eyes to enjoy your space as you look around you. You are ready to continue working with your crystals, either on yourself or on others.


“Chakra” is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel.” Where two or more channels of energy cross in the body, a chakra exists. Chakras are energy centers and exchange energy with the outside world. Place crystals on the seven principal chakra points as the recipient relaxes deeply. Surround four quartz around each point and it intensifies the effects.


Auras are the subtle bodies of energy that surround the physical body. The purpose of the aura is to act as a protective screen to block out and repel the negative energies, thoughts, and feelings of others, and also to prevent leakage of your own energy. However, holes, known as auric tears, can form within the aura, weakening it, and thus making it susceptible to harm by invading outside energies. These tears have many causes, including stress, trauma, depression, abuse, and physical injuries or illnesses to name just a few. Whenever you are around other people, you are exposing yourself to their subtle energies (and them to yours). Most of the time, these energies are positive, and will therefore have a positive, or perhaps even beneficial, effect on your own subtle energies. However, there are times when people energies, such as negative thoughts and emotions, can be toxic to your own. Negative energies from the people around you can be harmful to your aura, which in turn can cause damage to any or all of your subtle “bodies” (i.e., emotional body, mental body, spiritual body) as well as your physical body, all of which are contained within the aura. Fortunately, stones and crystals can be used to protect the aura from any harm that can come as a result of these negative energies.

Crystal Vibes can Help…

For Energy & Balance- Amethyst and quartz crystal clusters will energize the room they’re in. Everyone will feel more relaxed and at home. Place one in your living room or any communal area

For Keeping unwanted visitors at bay- Cerussite can help remove pests such as rates, mice, and cockroaches. Wash affected areas with a cerussite elixir.

For work- Common opal is renowned for creating a better working environment. It’s a great crystal to have around you while working in your home office and study areas, or on your desk at work.

For happy partnerships- A large piece of chrysocolla when placed in the home can help to revitalize lackluster relationships.

For better atmosphere- Green fluorite constantly removes negativity from a room and cleanses the atmosphere. Display this crystal wherever you have lots of people contact, and bring it into your space after arguments or to dispel a tense atmosphere.

For contentment- Moonstone creates a happy home, so place moonstone crystals liberally around your spaces. Onyx also brings happiness to the home.

To sell your house- If you’re having trouble selling your home, display a large citrine crystal, geode, or cluster in your hallway or your living room. Alternatively, you can place a small citrine crystal in each room of your home. When you do this, interest in your property, viewings, and offers suddenly increase.

After an argument- If the atmosphere feels heavy after an argument, kunzite will allow any residual bad feelings to flow out of the room. It also works wherever there has bee a death or severe illness. After an argument- If the atmosphere feels heavy after an argument, kunzite will allow any residual bad feelings to flow out of the room. It also works wherever there has bee a death or severe illness..

For bonding- Prehnite unites people towards the same goals.

For cleansing- Zeolite generally improve your environment, so place them in your home, office, workplace, car or garden shed; anywhere in which you spend a lot of time. If there are unpleasant odors in a room, Zeolites can reduce them- make a grid of them around the odor.

For break-ups- Sulfur removes negativity after arguments and is a particular useful crystal during divorce.   Crocoite and melanite are also helpful for those in the process of divorce.

For better communication- Schalenblende helps to resolve arguments and get people who won’t talk to each other communicating again. It is useful in business, improving relationships with colleagues, superiors, and others whom you come into contact with, and it’s also helpful when dealing with children.

To make your plants grow- Sphene encourages the healthy development of plants, helping everything in your garden grow.  Display this crystal outside near your plants, on decking, or on patios, or you can place smaller specimens in your plant pots to boost house plants indoors.

For love- Rose Quartz brings love into your home, improving relationships with those who are closest to you. This crystal is also known as a beauty stone- several pieces of rose quartz added to your bath water can freshen a dull complexion, giving softer skin and a more fresh, youthful appearance.

For peace- Display spirit quartz to bring harmony, peace and organization to your home and to all family relationships. This is a wonderful crystal for quelling argumentative tendencies.

Understanding Ailments…

Health is a balance of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies. These energies are both within us and exist around us and are created by our interaction with, and our experience of, the world. How we are within ourselves both creates and reflects the energies linked to our surroundings.

Balancing energies= State of well-being

When they are unbalanced, we are in a state of “dis-ease” and we become increasingly susceptible to all kinds of illness. These crystals help in different ways to balance out our energies, removing dis-ease and maintaining or restoring health in the process:

-Angelite –Blue Lace Agate –Calcite(all varities) –Carnelian  –Crazy Lace Agate –Emerald -Jade –Opal –Quartz –Ruby –Rutilated Quartz –Silver –Tiger’s Eye –Tourmaline Remember, crystals are created by the natural energies of the planet and are powerful tools for holistic healing. They are not magic, but when you work with them and state your intention they do wonders!

There is just an abundance of information and ideologies about crystals that I can go on and on for days discussing how fascinating and magical they are. Hope you learned at least one thing that sparked your interest in learning and working more with crystals and gemstones. I plan on having another crystals workshop that focuses more on how we can work with them and demonstrate exercises together to open up to their healing energy and frequencies.

Let me know what you think about all this; your feedback, reviews and emails are very important to how NWR improves our services, support and outreach.